Saginaw Series: Book One - Webber House - Chapter One


Jen ran as fast as she could through the winding park walkway, but it wasn't fast enough. The echoing footsteps behind sounded so much closer. She focused on Katy's long auburn hair flying behind her in the wind. Suddenly, Katy slowed in front of her, stretched her hand behind her back and grabbed Jen's hand. Thankfully, they both took off faster than she could have running on her own.

They each silently prayed they would make it to the street so they could melt into the crowd that had been watching the parade earlier. With a burst of energy they turned the corner and sprinted the last few feet, pushing their way through the spectators. Without looking back, they entered the crowded coffee shop and quickly moved away from the window. Jen bent over trying to catch her breath; she was sure her pounding heart would explode!

Saginaw Series: Book Two - Bertie's Bakery: Heaven Scent - Chapter One


The girls let out a collective scream, “AAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Colleen yelled, “I don’t know why you make me do this!” Jen agreed, “Katy, this is not acceptable, I want you to turn the movie off, now!” Katy grabbed a hand on each side of her and laughed as she screamed, “My Aunt Jane told me we had to watch the classic original “The House on Haunted Hill” together, and she kept saying something about having to hold hands through it!” Then they understood why you had to hold hands. They closed their eyes until they could only see through little slits while watching the end of the scary movie.

St. Anthony's Rock

The Kent family goes to St. Ignace to see the St. Anthony Rock - but - they can't find it! As Mr. Kent says when they do find it, "If it was a snake it would have bit us!"

Classic Michigan

Grand Marais Devil's Slide

A link found on You Tube of Devil's Slide.

The Michigan Hands

Ask people from Michigan where they live and they talk with their hands! In the Saginaw Series:Bertie's Baker: Heaven Scent, Grand Marais is just before the knuckle on the top of the left hand.

Grand Marais Agate Lady Blog

Gitche Gumee Museum

Click the words "Gitche Gumee Museum" to go to the museum website.

The Agate Lady is mentioned in the Saginaw Series: Bertie's Bakery, Heaven Scent.  If you are anywhere near Grand Marais you need to stop by this museum to hear the fascinating history of agates.  These rocks are the most beautiful you will ever see. 

Saginaw Series: Book Three - Andersen Pool - Chapter One


"Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!" exclaimed Tommy Blackburn shivering at the top of the high diving board at Andersen Pool. He wasn’t cold, he was terrified! He had never jumped off the high dive before. And like usual, when he wanted to do something he knew he might not get to do, he lied to his grandfather. Tommy told him that he had jumped off a million times.

Colleen, Katy and Jen's Easy Delicious Brownies

The brownies made by Colleen, Jen and Katy in the second book of the Saginaw Series: Bertie's Bakery Heaven Scent.  They are so good they made a comeback in the Four Season Friends book, too!

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Welcome Fandangles' Friends

Tom and Steve were kind enough to send you to my blog. The post below is the menu for Sarah and Joseph's wedding from my third book in the Saginaw Series, Andersen Pool.
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Menu for Sarah and Joseph's Wedding

Wedding Dinner of Sarah and Joseph

Catered by Fandangles' of Flushing, Michigan. Fandangles' is a real restaurant just minutes away from Saginaw.  Tom and Steve have created a beautiful restaurant with ever-changing art from local artists.  They cater symphony parties, university dinners, and classy weddings!  So I knew when Sarah and Joseph were planning their wedding they just had to use Fandangles'!

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Saginaw Series: Book Four - Daniel's Den - Chapter One


The music was blaring from the large speakers behind them on the stage. The dance floor was alive with gyrating teens all laughing and flirting while moving to the rhythm and beat of the original rock and roll song. It was another exciting Friday night at the teen night club, Daniel's Den. Katy’s friends, James and Colleen were by the stage with her sister, Jen and her boyfriend Adam. They were looking up at her as she was singing like there was no tomorrow.

Art of the Saginaw Series

I asked D.A. Clifford if he would illustrate the covers of the Saginaw Series. I provided pictures of the buildings.  The Webber House picture I have used with persmission of the Saginaw Library.  The Bertie's Bakery picture I took of the existing building that is closed and boarded up.  The Andersen Pool is from an old Saginaw postcard.  The Daniel's Den was a picture from the Internet.  The covers were so wonderful.  I was so pleased with the beautiful artwork.  Thank you so much D.A. Clifford for your attention to detail on each of them.

Lights in the Night Grand Rapids

The Kent family travels to Grand Rapids to be part of Artprize. They plan a prayer memorial for their parents during the "Lights in the Night Grand Rapids" art experience. This event brings together thousands of people on a beautiful fall evening in Michigan. The moon was almost full - the sky clear - the lights unbelievable.

Video used with permission from Paul Jendrasiak.