Saginaw Series: Book Four - Daniel's Den - Chapter One


The music was blaring from the large speakers behind them on the stage. The dance floor was alive with gyrating teens all laughing and flirting while moving to the rhythm and beat of the original rock and roll song. It was another exciting Friday night at the teen night club, Daniel's Den. Katy’s friends, James and Colleen were by the stage with her sister, Jen and her boyfriend Adam. They were looking up at her as she was singing like there was no tomorrow.

The band, The Lifeguards, was the opening act for a popular group from Chicago and this was their big break. They won the battle of the bands contest the previous week which gave them each $100 and this gig tonight. The song she was singing was written by Patrick, the lead guitar player in the band. It was the first time they were performing it live on stage. The Lifeguards was made up of four high school students going into their senior year at St. Mary Cathedral in Saginaw, Michigan. As well as Patrick and Katy, there was Josh who played the drums. Bill played the bass guitar and sometimes when they tried some jazz, he played the saxophone.

They also worked at Andersen Pool as lifeguards, they loved their summer jobs. That is why they named their band after their work. They knew this engagement could lead to parties, school dances, and maybe even wedding receptions. The four band members were hoping to make and save enough money to help pay for the first year of college.

Katy was asked to be the lead singer for the group because of her church solos. However, Mr. Clyde, the new owner of Daniel's Den, told his wife as he pointed to the stage, "That's as far from church singing as we can get!" His wife laughed and said, "You have to admit, she has a great voice."

The nightclub was an old movie theater. The bands played at the front of the theater where the films used to show on the big screen. The big room where the audience used to sit had all the seats removed. It was always dark with the lights from the stage creating shadows on the sunken dance floor.

Officer Ed was at the front entrance looking at photo ID's - either from the teen's school or a drivers license before anyone entered the club. The age group allowed to attend was sixteen to nineteen. Officer Ed, an off duty Saginaw Police Officer, knew every kid in town, especially those that caused problems. They all knew they had to leave their bad attitudes outside or they would never be allowed in again. He made sure that the Den was a safe place to be. Everyone respected Officer Ed. There were five rules posted by the front door.

Anyone under the influence of alcohol will not be admitted
You must be 16 yrs. old or in the 10th grade
Dress - casual but neat and clean
Absolutely no pass outs
No beards, sun glasses

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