Saginaw Series: Book One - Webber House - Chapter One


Jen ran as fast as she could through the winding park walkway, but it wasn't fast enough. The echoing footsteps behind sounded so much closer. She focused on Katy's long auburn hair flying behind her in the wind. Suddenly, Katy slowed in front of her, stretched her hand behind her back and grabbed Jen's hand. Thankfully, they both took off faster than she could have running on her own.

They each silently prayed they would make it to the street so they could melt into the crowd that had been watching the parade earlier. With a burst of energy they turned the corner and sprinted the last few feet, pushing their way through the spectators. Without looking back, they entered the crowded coffee shop and quickly moved away from the window. Jen bent over trying to catch her breath; she was sure her pounding heart would explode!

Katy pulled Jen and they tumbled into a booth, where a young couple barely had time to gather their packages. The man scowled at them while leaving a generous tip for the waitress. Jen whispered urgently, "That was too close, we almost got caught this time!" Katy nodded while cautiously watching the door.

Jen told her “No way can we tell anyone we were chased. We would have to stay close to home for the rest of the summer! Not to mention how much trouble we would be in with our parents!” She made Katy promise never to tell anyone. After ten minutes they began to feel safe. When the waitress came to take their order Katy stood up and said, "We're not staying, family emergency, sorry." The waitress shrugged as she picked up the tip from the tabletop. She knew she would make more money from the nice couple coming in the front door and heading over to sit at the booth.

Jen and Katy walked outside where people were still gathering their children and carrying lawn chairs and blankets to their cars. After a quick look around, Katy and Jen hurried down the block. Twenty minutes later they stopped to buy glazed donuts at Bertie's Bakery on the corner of Hoyt and Sheridan. The aroma of fresh baked breads and pastries filled the room and made their mouths water. Kathy, the high school student behind the sales counter, looked at the girls in amusement as they emptied their pockets. They only had enough money between them for one donut! One donut was better than none! Kathy gave them the biggest donut from the display case.

They sat on the steps outside of the bakery and split the soft pillow of dough. They followed their tradition of both waiting for ten seconds in anticipation before taking a bite. A glazed donut from Bertie’s Bakery was something you just had to look forward to! Then they both laughed and took the first bite. They couldn't help it, they had to smile; surely it was the best donut ever made. Of course every single time they ate one they each had the same thought. When they were done both girls licked their fingers clean. They made plans to meet at Hoyt Park in the morning. After warning each other to keep the secret, they said goodbye and ran home.


  1. This last paragraph of Chapter One of the Webber House was the inspiration for Book Two of the Saginaw Series.

    Mr. Roennecke was a real baker at the real Bertie's Bakery. Even though I made up everything about the bakery for this story I fondly remember those famous glazed donuts.

  2. And your description of them made my mouth water!!! Great job - I love it!