Holiday Series: Book Two - Easter Break in Florida


Kyla walked up the staircase to finish homework due on Monday. She needed to write a report about dissecting the frog in Biology class yesterday. She paused when she saw the sunshine streaming through the window on the landing between the first and second floors of her family home in Saginaw, Michigan. She couldn't resist. She climbed into the window seat making herself comfortable, plumping the pillows and pulling the handmade quilt over her legs. Her mom made a yellow curtain to pull across the front of the opening and when Kyla pulled it closed she was in a sunshine cocoon.

She turned on her tablet and signed on to Facebook where she had 821 close friends! She groaned when she saw that her friend Matthew posted another stupid list. “The Top Ten List of the Best Looking Girls in My Class.” Kyla was number nine. She hated being humiliated by Matthew and she blasted him for posting it on his page. Matthew posted back that she was nine out of forty two, so what was her problem? Sometimes she hated FB.
The sun was warming her and she could feel herself getting sleepy. She gave in, closed her eyes and took a short nap. She had a dream about a beauty contest. When she went on stage to perform the talent part of the contest, she was supposed to sing, but when she opened her mouth she croaked like a frog! She awoke with a start and went up to her bedroom to finish her homework. She flopped on her bed and looked at her Facebook page again. She saw there were twenty comments to Matthew's list, all giving him a hard time for acting so shallow! Sometimes she loved FB.

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