The Holiday Series Takes Over!

Truthfully, I never thought Katy, Jen and Colleen from the Saginaw Series would make room for anyone else.  They occupied every part of my thoughts for a whole year.  I just hadn't met Kyla and Liv yet!

This morning my husband, Pat, and I watched Freedom Writers starring Hilary Swank.  I love that movie.  I told him that Liv was reading The Diary of a Young Girl. That book changes the students lives in Freedom Writers.  I decided to put the movie in my first book in the series, too.  So, one hour later, Freedom Writers made its way into No Christmas for Olivia!  One of the things I love about writing is how ordinary everyday living inspires my work.

I hope right after the holidays that I can send my cousin, Mary Lynn, the first book to edit.  The Holiday Series should be on Amazon by the end of the summer.

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