Inspiration from Donna

I always say that I just never know who or what is going to inspire me. I try to look at things in life with an open heart and soul. Always willing to be touched by something.

Last week I was on Pinterest looking at pins of people I follow. One of my favorites is Donna at Funky Junk Interiors. She finds ordinary junk at a flea market and turns the pieces into works of art.
I clicked on the picture and read about how picking up a blue drill changed her life. I wrote to Donna and asked her if I could put her and her blog about the drill in my book. They fit perfectly in one of the storylines. Thankfully, she agreed. She will be included in the fourth book of the Holiday Series, A Very Thankful Thanksgiving.

I love including real people in my books. For your own inspiration - Click on the "Funky Junk Intereriors" or "read about how picking up a blue drill changed her life" links above.

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