How ridiculous you look, my dear!

This picture was my Grandma Florence Shea's.  In the picture below she actually had pictures taken of herself wearing a hat like the one the 1911 woman is wearing.  Even the dress and the long chain with the watch are similar.  I never noticed this until I was writing this blog post.  I find it amusing that she copied the picture for her photograph.  In the Four Season Friends book Grandma Caroline sends these pictures to Clare for her report on fashions.

Clare researches and finds out that Haute Coutier - French for High Fashion - is often copied today and mass produced.  A few years ago, I took a picture of my granddaughter, Sheala, on her way to her junior prom in a dress that looks like it was copied from a Marchesa original.  When she sent me a text with a picture of the dress she was trying on I was amazed because I had just seen the original dress in the magazine I was reading.

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