Issues and Conflicts

Issues and Conflicts in the Books

Four Season Friends, The Saginaw Series and the Holiday Series are filled
with loving families faced with difficult situations. 
There is a strong faith-filled community of adults to help the teens find answers
through prayer, faith, love and friendship. 

Holiday Series: Book One - No Christmas for Olivia - Chapter One


"Are you finished packing your suitcase, Liv?" Mom yelled up the stairs. "Almost," answered her daughter as she stared unhappily at the empty suitcase open on her bed. She was thinking about how she didn't want to go to Aunt Fran's for Christmas. Olivia didn't like their family traditions thrown to the side, as if they didn't matter. Each Christmas had always been filled with rich family traditions. Until this year!

Holiday Series: Book Two - Easter Break in Florida


Kyla walked up the staircase to finish homework due on Monday. She needed to write a report about dissecting the frog in Biology class yesterday. She paused when she saw the sunshine streaming through the window on the landing between the first and second floors of her family home in Saginaw, Michigan. She couldn't resist. She climbed into the window seat making herself comfortable, plumping the pillows and pulling the handmade quilt over her legs. Her mom made a yellow curtain to pull across the front of the opening and when Kyla pulled it closed she was in a sunshine cocoon.

Holiday Series: Book Three - Independence Day

Chapter One

Kyla's phone chimed. Even though she didn't know the sender, she looked at the new message, "New exciting blog about students at Saint Mary Cathedral High School! Click the link below!" She clicked the link.

"Oh no, Kyla!" screamed Liv, as she ran up the stairs two at a time to their room. "KyKy, don't open the link!" Liv's warning was too late. Kyla opened the bedroom door. She had tears streaming down her cheeks. Liv ran to give her sister a hug. Sadly, Liv whispered, "Where's Mom?" With tears in her eyes, Liv answered, "Sewing."

Holiday Series: Book Four - A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

Chapter One

Mr. Dontay put his thumb and forefinger in his mouth and blew out a shrill ear bursting whistle. Then he yelled, "Okay everyone, settle down! Settle down." When it finally quieted down, he said, "Welcome back Children of God!  This is the first gathering of the school year of the most fabulous teens in Saginaw, Michigan!" The hooting, hollering and clapping teens turned the room back into chaos. Miss Montalvo smiled as she watched Mr. Dontay join in the pandemonium. She could tell he loved it as much as they did.

As she looked over the room full of high school students she couldn't help but focus on one very small girl. She was watching everything with wide-eyed wonder. She had dark circles under her eyes, and very little hair peeking out of a close fitting crocheted hat. It made her look fragile and actually quite ill.


Lately people have been sending emails and stopping me to say they love the Saginaw Series.
A young lady told me today she loved the grilled cheese story. A gentleman from Maryland emailed to say he loved the memories. A woman from church asked when the next series will be out. Even a woman from Australia who can't wait for the Holiday Series to come out because she has read the Saginaw Series over and over!
You all warm my heart.  Take time to give compliments - these people have made me more aware of how important it is to reaffirm the people who touch our souls.
Thank you for the lesson!