Issues and Conflicts

Issues and Conflicts in the Books

Four Season Friends, The Saginaw Series and the Holiday Series are filled
with loving families faced with difficult situations. 
There is a strong faith-filled community of adults to help the teens find answers
through prayer, faith, love and friendship. 


Webber House - Keeping Secrets isn’t always a good idea, friendship, family dynamics 

Bertie’s Bakery - Unemployment, Trusting God, hard work and determination are both necessary when following your dreams, blending families

Andersen Pool - Being the one without a boyfriend and feeling left out, starting to work at first jobs

Daniel’s Den - making poor decisions and then having to earn trust again from your parents, friends and even the police, rumors, praying and listening for God's answer


No Christmas for Olivia - the world isn’t all about me, the true meaning of Christmas, keeping your head in an emergency, the bond of military families, learning to trust God

Easter Break in Florida - disrespectful towards a teacher, trust, serving the poor, coming to terms with difficult situations, when you should keep a secret

Independence Day - abortion, Internet bullying, gossip, forgiveness, Alzheimer’s, waiting for God’s answer in God’s time not your time

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving - Cancer, homeschooling, zero tolerance, assisted living, learning to pray


Larry has anger issues - how his friendship with Jerry and his work on the ranch helps him.  The Castors pull pranks - when the Maxums move in next door they start having fun with them until a prank causes more harm than fun.  Nancy has to decide where her heart is - in her work in Michigan or with her college sweetheart in Montana.  Amanda needs to know the basics of work ethics - how will she learn them before beginning her first job away from her family?  The kids want to raise money for the East Side Soup Kitchen - working together they find a way.

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