Holiday Series

The books in the Holiday Series are a year in the life of Kyla, Olivia, Maddie and Sophie and all their friends. Difficult issues are faced this year in all four books. In book one, No Christmas for Olivia, it is time to learn the true meaning of Christmas. In book two, Easter Trip to Florida, the students go on a mission trip where they learn humility and the importance of sharing God's love. In book three, Independence Day, Internet bullying hurts two students. In book four, A Very Thankful Thanksgiving, new zero tolerance rules have an unexpected consequence.

The Holiday Series is a new series written by Mary Ellen Shea Clifford. After the success of the Saginaw Series, with over 1,000 books downloaded, Mary Ellen writes about a new set of friends in Saginaw, Michigan.  In the Holiday Series Olivia, Kyla, Sophie and Maddie are best friends.  Come along and enjoy the drama, mystery, love and budding romances in the newest series.

Holiday Series tackles some pretty difficult subjects.  My hopes are that Mothers and Daughters, Aunts and Nieces, Brothers and Sisters, and even Grandmothers and Granddaughters read these books together and then discuss them.  Internet bullying, abortion, zero tolerance and its consequences, disrespectful and rude behavior as well as forgiveness, cancer, waiting for answers from God in God's time not ours, finding out the world does not revolve around us are some of the issues in the Holiday Series.

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The books in the Saginaw Series follow the friends from the summer before Freshman year to the summer before Senior year. In Webber House meet Katy and Jen, best friends. In Bertie's Bakery Heaven Scent, it becomes a trio adding Colleen. In Andersen Pool add James and Adam. In Daniels Den follow the band "The Lifeguards" as they work their way to possible stardom. You will get to know the friends throughout their high school years as they blend the best of Saginaw old with Saginaw today.



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