To Honor Robin J. Jacklin, Jr.

I am so proud of our grandson. A three day free giveaway of the first book of the Holiday Series. In honor of my grandson joining the United States Air Force, "No Christmas for Olivia" will be free June 21-23. I can only imagine how hot basic training will be in San Antonio so the summer solstice seemed to be a good day to begin the giveaway. The Holiday Series is about a military family so I thought it would be a great way to show my love and to let those who love him know how proud I am to have him serve.

The Wedding Barn!

After searching for a year, we found the wedding barn for Four Season Friends.  
The setting in the book is Montana in the winter for Nancy and Jim's wedding.  
However, we found the perfect barn for the wedding close to Brant, Michigan in the spring.  
I will have to go there in the winter to take a picture with snow in it.
When I saw it yesterday, I knew immediately that this was the one.