Four Season Friends is Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Four Season Friends - my first novel - is available on Amazon.

Four Season Friends begins with moving day and all the stress and anxiety of seven people relocating to a new home in a new city.   Each of them quickly becomes friends with the family of eight next door and the fun begins.  A few of the children  are homeschooled while others attend St. Mary Cathedral, just three blocks away.  There are vacations, a first job away from home and even a wedding reception in a Montana barn in the middle of winter!  You will come to love the Castors and the Maxums, possibly even wishing you could live next door to them.

I know you will like this book as much as the Saginaw Series and the Holiday Series.  Click the book.

Address Label Tip for Military Mail

I thought I would share a tip.  I use Avery 6461 address labels for my letters to my grandson. They are actually removable multipurpose labels.  They stay on the envelopes AND he can peel the label off and use it for his return address.  That saves him a lot of time that he could use for writing letters.  If you have ever seen a military address you will know what a great tip this is!  

I don't use one for my return address though because I'm not sure it would always stay on for the return trip.  But after it leaves the base it doesn't really matter if his return address stays on or not (but it has always arrived with the label on.) We can't send him anything but he can recycle!