I have been praying for inspiration for a new book.  Nothing was coming to me.  I just knew I needed to be patient about an answer.  So this morning - IT HIT ME IN MY HEART! I melted when I saw this post on Facebook.

Inspiration from Lost in Michigan - photographer, Mike Sonnenberg. This morning he posted this picture on Facebook.  I immediately contacted him to purchase it for my next eBook cover - I have been frantically searching for lighthouse information all morning.

Not sure which direction the book will take, but I am having fun.  Did you know the Tawas Point Lighthouse is reported to be haunted by a little girl?  OOOOhh - if there isn't a story there for this author I should quit writing!!!!  Here is a recreation of what people reported seeing at the lighthouse.

I can't wait to start writing.  Thank you Mike Sonnenberg!

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