We are enjoying the crisp cold evenings and some of the days have been sunny. Yesterday was a bit cold. But we drove around a bit on the two tracks and when we got back we had a big fire.

We are camping at the lighthouse at the Tawas  Point State Park.  The light keeper gave me some information to put in the next book. I can't wait to weave his stories with mine.

It has to do with this door leading to the staircase to the tower. He promised me it really happened just a few nights ago and it gave me shivers when he recounted what happened!

I hope you are looking forward to
"A Light Shines Forth"
coming in July 2015.


The name my niece added when she professed her vows 

to become a 

Daughter of St. Paul

Sr. Theresa Aletheia

How blessed were we to be a part of this beautiful ceremony.

It will find a way to be in one of my books.