On to the Second Editor

YEAH - A Light Shines Forth returned from Mary Lynn and now is in the hands of Kay.  I love my editors.  I cannot say it enough.  Here is one addition from Mary Lynn that I added into the story.  My Mom's Aunt Lena worked at Seitner's in downtown Saginaw.  She was an Icon.  No one knew how old she was, but no one cared.  She was the best salesperson in downtown Saginaw at any store.  She really did work into her 90's.

This picture is of Aunt Lena in the 1940's.  She was always the best dressed and most stylish.

Here is the addition that Mary Lynn wrote when she edited the book.

Here is how the paragraph was changed by me.

When they arrived at Seitner's they ran into Isabella's Aunt Lena selling coats.  They had climbed the stairs to the second floor to see the formal clothes. Aunt Lena was at the top of the stairs with a customer.  She waved at the girls, but they knew from past experience not to interrupt Aunt Lena when she was with a customer.  Isabella's grandmother had told her many times, "My sister, Lena, can sell a coat better than any other salesperson."  Isabella knew that her Aunt Lena had worked at Seitner's forever.  None of the sales clerks at the store knew that her Aunt Lena was ninety years old!  The store owner wasn't even sure how old his best sales person was, because she had been hired by his father.  They all guessed that she was in her seventies. All he knew for sure was that she could outsell every other sales clerk on the floor.

A Light Shines Forth

Last year in August I was inspired by the photo below taken by Mike Sonnenberg of the Tawas Lighthouse.

I immediately contacted him to purchase the picture for my next book. I had no idea what that book would be about.

This has been a tough year. It didn't help when two of my characters hijacked the story!

I thought that Ellie and Isabella were the main characters, but Emma and Noah stole the story.

A Light Shines Forth, is finally ready to go to my first editor, Mary Lynn.  She will edit it and then I will make her corrections. She makes my sentences shorter and changes my punctuation. Then it goes to Kay my, second editor. She looks at the storyline, watches that the correct character is named and sometimes changes my corrections I made! Then I make more corrections.  My sister, Jane is my third and last editor. She has a critical eye for the whole story. And again sometimes corrections I made go back to what was originally written. Each of them do some of what the other editor does, but my stories are so much better because of all of them.  They are tough taskmasters.

Hopefully Kay's husband will find some places to add in some of his great puns.

So there is hope that this book will be on Amazon before the end of the year.

Military Time

Sometimes in my books the time used is Military Time.  Instead of two twelve hour sets of numbers the numbers go from 0000 - 2400.  Because the military has to work on a 24 hour schedule it makes sense to use 24 hours instead of 12 twice.  No one gets confused as to day or night hours.

So in the book, A Light Shines Forth, when Stephanie leaves a note for Noah to meet her for root beer in the middle of the afternoon can you guess what time she writes on the note?