The New Amadore Apartments

When one of the characters in the book, New Beginnings, is looking for an apartment, this grey building in the background is where she will move.  It is called the New Amadore Apartments.  When it was first built it was for the very rich citizens of Saginaw.  Parquet floors, high ceilings, large windows, even a magnificent entrance.

In 1976 my Mom moved into that corner apartment on the first floor.  Although it was no longer for the rich, it was a lovely apartment.  The wood floors were still in perfect shape (until a certain 18 month old took a pen to the bedroom floor, thankfully easily covered by a throw rug!) She had beautiful drapes custom made to fit the tall windows - after she moved out of the apartment I used those drapes and curtains for over 30 years and they were still stylish and in good shape! They were from a store on the corner of Genesee and Michigan called A.A. Meyers.

Just past the apartment building, across the street, is St. Mary Cathedral where our main characters, Riley and Annie, go to school.


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