Why write?

When I retired in January of 2011, I read a lot of books. We took a vacation to Florida and I found it very relaxing to read during our long days spent in the van.

I had just purchased my first Galaxy Note and it had a Kindle reader on it. Many of the books I read were about Amish families settling small towns. The women in the books had a way of stopping during the day and praying when something was troubling them. Then the more I read it seemed they stopped to pray with a friend when the friend was facing a decision, or when something good happened. As I read those books I thought how seldom I stopped during the day to pray.

Not long after that I was intrigued by an article on the Saginaw Library website about the Webber House. My story just had to be written.

As I started to write I felt a tug at my heart to have strong faith-filled characters. I also wanted them to be like the Amish characters. I wanted them to pray as easily as they breathed. This is not how most of us are taught to pray. As I grew up I learned to say prayers when I awakened, before meals, when I went to bed.

After writing several books I found I was praying more and more each day. It made me realise how much closer I felt to God. It made such a difference in my life.

For that reason alone I knew I had to keep writing. My books are not best sellers. I am not a person to market my books. I like to write not sell.

Sunday while sitting in the pew at church I gave it all to God. I explained that I just want to write and if God wanted to use my books to bring people closer then that would be enough.

Today God answered my prayer. My friend told me that she has wanted to tell me that ever since she started reading my books she finds herself stopping during the day to turn to God in prayer and that it helps her all through the day.

Thank you God for letting me see that my books were already doing what I asked that they would do. Thank you for always being here for me. Thank you for friends. Amen.

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