This morning I read something so inspiring I had to include it in Martha Street Market, the 5th book in the Saginaw Series. The inspiration was a post my friend, Jimmy E. Greene put on Facebook.  I asked him for permission to use it in my book and he kindly said yes.  This is in the dedication of the book:

This book is also dedicated to a very good friend.  I have only seen him a handful of times, but on Facebook... I read his wonderful posts and pray for him to continue the good work he does every single day.  Even though he is working nonstop - always at one airport or another - what makes him so remarkable is that I see him first as a wonderful husband and father. 

I don't miss trips
I've never made or
places I've never been.
I don't miss jobs
I never had or
people that I've never met.
I've found remarkable peace that every place
I'm at is where
I was supposed
to be and everyone in
my life is who
I needed when
I needed them most

                 - Jimmy E. Greene
                    May 30, 2017
                    Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Big Day for Martha Street Market!

I am so excited - today is a big day - My sister, and my cousin, Mary Lynn are on their way here to edit Martha Street Market.  AND, my husband, Pat is on his way to his brother, Dan's, to drop off some pictures and description of what I would like for the cover of the book.

I can't wait to get started on this next phase of the book.  After we finish the first edit my friend, Kay, will do the next edit.  Then it goes to my sister, Jane.

I am blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people in my life.  I'll take a picture and post it when we are editing.