This morning I read something so inspiring I had to include it in Martha Street Market, the 5th book in the Saginaw Series. The inspiration was a post my friend, Jimmy E. Greene put on Facebook.  I asked him for permission to use it in my book and he kindly said yes.  This is in the dedication of the book:

This book is also dedicated to a very good friend.  I have only seen him a handful of times, but on Facebook... I read his wonderful posts and pray for him to continue the good work he does every single day.  Even though he is working nonstop - always at one airport or another - what makes him so remarkable is that I see him first as a wonderful husband and father. 

I don't miss trips
I've never made or
places I've never been.
I don't miss jobs
I never had or
people that I've never met.
I've found remarkable peace that every place
I'm at is where
I was supposed
to be and everyone in
my life is who
I needed when
I needed them most

                 - Jimmy E. Greene
                    May 30, 2017
                    Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

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