Woohoo - One Step Closer

Second edit done!  Kay came over with her edits and they made such a difference in the book. Martha Street Market is evolving into a great last book of the Saginaw Series.  I cannot wait for my sister, Jane to get here next week so I can give her a printout for the last edit.  Then as soon as I get the cover art I will be able to publish on Amazon.

I know every single time - and this is the 12th time - that I publish a book, I realize how blessed I am with great editors. Mary Lynn, Kathy, Jane and Kay - these books get so much better after your read them and tell me where I need to explain more, change my commas, ask questions about parts you don't understand and even make sure I have named the right character in the right spot!

The artists I have chosen each time have been superior.  D.A. Clifford - my brother-in-law Dan was the first artist I asked to sketch a cover for my first book series and now he is finishing up with one more cover for the Saginaw Series.  Hope Sweigart a wonderful photographer helped choose her cover photos for the Holiday Series and Four Season Friends.  A Light Shines Forth was inspired by Mike Sonnenberg, the cover artist with his picture of the Tawas Light House. And the book, New Beginnings, was inspired by artwork by Clarence Lum - his painting Prada Girl made the words just tumble out of my heart when I saw it.

So excited...

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